Customer Success

What is Customer success?

“Customers are like the plants you must water to flourish, with a commitment to care and care, throughout their life cycle, as their growth will be reflected over time.” Enrique Rivera

For a company, winning new customers means five times more effort than selling to current customers.

In other words, the success of #DataSys is directly and proportionally linked to the success of our customers.


Customer Success is a new business strategy that is multidisciplinary, combining analysis, communication, training, training, prevention and the necessary support tools to help companies to better understand the relationship with their customers.

This constant analysis of the customer product interaction will help to capture new trends and opportunities within the market and to constant renewal.

The customer success department comes into play during the life cycle of the sales process, and works to ensure that the product is successful and that the customer takes advantage of it and incorporates it into its processes.

Importance of customer success for the customer

The objectives of the Customer success application are:

1. Help clients meet or exceed their desired return on investment.

2. Know the needs of customers and can identify opportunities for improvement

3. Look for solutions that meet the customer’s business challenges.

4. Establish a continuous channel of communication between #DataSys and our client.

5. Establish a guide during the consultative sales process, through a proactive model in customer service


  • Understand the concepts and benefits of Customer success
  • Build the ROI of the Customer success
  • Conduct a benchmarking in the industry to which it belong


  • Apply the Value Framework methodology: Validate, Awareness, Learning, Utilization, Embed.
  • Create commitment with the client
  • Create the adoption structure, including the adoption team.
  • Train the company’s Customer success team


  • Define metrics of adoption or consumption of technology
  • Prepare the sales force of the company to face the new market conditions.
  • Start working with the selected clients


  • Modify the internal business processes of the company, including: Commercial and Presales
  • Offer customer service focused on adoption strategies: such as diagnostics, data collection, adoption and consumption plan

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