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Smart Cities

A solution of Smart City

Expert Management, Smart Technology, Amazing Results

It is described as a city that applies technology to benefit its citizens to better its way of life.

Digital Signage

Smart digital content managemen

Digital signage is a sub segment of signage. Digital signage use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content

Smart Parking

Parking occupancy monitoring in the city

Optimize parking space, improve the efficiency of your parking operations and help city traffic.

A solution with latest technology sensors, integrated to the space monitoring management platform

Smart Busses

We improve the end user experience

Efficient management of this service, allowing internet access to bus during the journey.

It enhances bus users experience by allowing use of their mobile devices to check email, use social media and other navigation services that do not compromise efficient use of the bandwidth allocated for this service

Smart Energy

Power consumption control and management

A smart meter is a new type of power meter with the ability to transmit digitally power consumption readings to your power company. This can enable having more precise energy bills. Smart meters can also have monitors to better understand your energy consumption

Smart Water

Monitoring of water
level and quality

It enables the solution provider to intelligently manage the Water Provisioning Service. This may include sensors to measure water levels in the tanks, water leakage, electrical consumption of the pumps at the time of activation for tank filling, water quality, preventing consumption in real time if the need occurs, such as chemical changes that could be interpreted as modifications in water quality

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