Corporate Communications

Today, the interrelation of different relevant stakeholders for an organization, requires an efficient and effective use of different collaboration tools that allow to increase competitiveness and productivity of companies and organizations. For this reason, our objective is to design, through this portfolio, better solutions for each institution or company with such needs.

Within the tools that are available within the design of the solution:

  • IP Telephony
  • Collaborative Systems
  • Contact Center
  • VID Virtualization
  • Video conference
  • Corporate messaging
  • Call recording and Screen
  • Mensaje Auditor
  • Call Recording

Message Auditor

Regulate the use of your messaging tool, auditing its correct use and anticipating the legal regulations that are required in organizations where the backing of transmitted information is mandatory

The Message Auditor software takes care of this, auditing the conversations made by users of messaging clients of Cisco-Jabber and Cisco-Webex Teams.


  • Audit outgoing and incoming messages
  • Identify messenger sender and receiver.
  • Search for messages by date range, receiver and keywords.
  • Audit queries by filters made.
  • Sample of files sent in the conversation.
  • Export of conversations in Excel.


  • Accessible from any web browser.
  • Responsive application to the screen size of the device.
  • Native integration with the IM & Presence.
  • Authentication of local users or active directory
  • Security by means of roles assigned to users.

Advantages and benefits

Beneficios 3

Legal security through backups of conversations.

Beneficios 1

Increase in the efficiency of customer service.

Beneficios 2

Customer satisfaction and support of its management.

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