Our experience in designing solutions for our clients has led us to provide an integrated solution through a single supplier, for which we have considered including several base elements of the solution at the “infrastructural” level, for which not only structured TIA/EIA Uptime Institute cabling considerations have been included, but also high impact technological elements as electronic security, and others detailed below:

Structured cabling

Electronic security

Our open source security solutions are easily integrated with your systems and technologies and our video management system (VMS) works with HD and analog cameras. Our cameras are compatible with a broad range of VMS platforms and our access control solutions support open field hardware of other leading manufacturers.

Video surveillance

HD cameras with 1 to 30 MP resolution
Administration software
Video analysis
Search by app appearance
Video analysis devices

Access control

Software Access Control Manager (ACM)
Integration with your existing data sources
Access through web browser for immediate action from any device, from anywhere
Provides the location of all employees during emergency evacuations
System based on roles, safe and IT friendly

Video analytics with

Resolves operator attention span issues and identifies objectives
The pattern detection technology filters known objects
Allows to search for objects virtually instantaneously
HD analytics allows precise object detection
Based on people and vehicle behavior

Data Center Infrastructure

Cabinets and enclosed data centers

Maximize space efficiency and the behavior of your data center using the enclosure technology that optimizes the installation and administration of a data center through an intelligent system in rows that integrates cabinets, power, cooling, power distribution, hallway containing, monitoring and control technology for data centers

Safety and environment monitoring

These systems offer environment monitoring and high-performance security through the network, performs video surveillance and monitoring to record human activity. Monitors temperature, humidity, door contacts, dry contacts, focused leaks, vibrations, smoke and two-way audio through NetBotz tools.

Power distribution

Power distribution is essential in a data center for proper operation of its power systems. APC products have the mission to guarantee ease, efficiency, control, monitoring, versatility and high performance with their PDU racks and PDUs for cabinets.


Guarantee the efficiency and correct performance of your data center controlling the environmental variables of your most critical systems. Precision air conditioning systems guarantee true control of every environmental parameter to manage heat efficiently, reliably and with cost efficiency in your facilities.

Power Quality and Backup


APC online UPS systems provide double density online power protection and real double conversion for servers, voice and data networks, medical laboratories and light industrial applications. We offer a broad range of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems from solutions for data centers to mission critical applications.


We offer solutions to satisfy your needs regarding emergency power or primary service, providing power backup when and where needed. AKSA energy systems provide uninterrupted power for essential operations, helping you comply with your everyday activities.

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