About Us #DataSys?

We are a pioneer company, with great prestige in the infocommunications industry with more than 18 years of experience in providing IT solutions to the Costa Rican market. Derived from the need of the market, we have begun a process of expansion towards the region, for which we have presence in 6 countries of the region.

We support a wide experience in the design and integration of technology solutions for different sectors of the industry such as Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Public Sector manufacturing, among others.

During the first years dedicated almost entirely to the design, engineering and construction of structured cabling networks. Over the years we have come in a constant evolution in line with the changes in the industry and the market, becoming a technological and strategic partner, which helps in the process of understanding and applying information technologies (ICT) to generate solutions of effective business, through constant innovation, flexibility and a high commitment to our customers and partners

Today we offer a comprehensive and functional solution, through the Service Model under the name XaaS by #DataSys  which allows generating a value proposal aimed at providing enriched solutions to improve the business processes of our clients and facilitate the relationship with key stakeholders. of the business.


We are a leading company that offers the best technological solutions for the Costa Rican market through constant innovation, flexibility and strong commitment with our collaborators, clients and partners


To be the leading company for integrating technological solutions for the regional market under innovative business models by 2020.

Certifications #DataSys

With the purpose of generating value for our customers we have been working on the following certifications:


As a result of a marketing dynamic, we are in an undergoing an expansion process towards different countries in the region, and currently have operations in: México, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panamá. 

Technological Allies #DataSys

We have strategic partnerships with the leading brands in the technological market.

Country Brand

As a company 100% Costa Rican owned, with the purpose of expanding our territory to cover all Central America, our main objective is to demonstrate that we comply with the 5 principles for Esencial Costa Rica: Excellence, Innovation, Social Progress, Sustainability and of Costa Rican Origin.

For Datasys, being Esencial Costa Rica is a synonym of competitiveness, continuous improvement, courage and pride for being part of the country brand.

For Datasys, being Esencial Costa Rica is a synonym of competitiveness, continuous improvement, courage and pride for being part of the country brand

Quality Policy

At Datasys, we are experts in the design and infocommunications marketing solutions. We offer high quality services, that satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and third parties interests in prompt time. Because of this, we put all our efforts to improve continuously the efficiency of our process, our environmental performance, the security of our information, and service and project management in our Integrated Management System Policy

Quality Objectives

To develop businesses with greater profita.

To carry out a quarterly performance review of the processes that are part of our Quality Management System. At least 8 processes successfully surpass their effectiveness indicators.

To continuously update and/or certify the organization in technologies from the suppliers we represent, complying with the annual certification plan

Maintain the quarterly average customer satisfaction over 90%.

To comply with 90% of the training schedule for all collaborators.

Lun-vier 7:45 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

+506 2586-6464

Sabana sur, de la esquina de cococo, 400 mts sur. Edificio a mano derecha color gris metálico.

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